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Simplot - Lennon, MI

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

The Simplot Project: Transforming the Landscape of Lennon, Michigan

In the summer of 2022, our team began work on the massive Simplot Project in Lennon, Michigan. With its 10-acre earth development, two large retention ponds, and grading for swales, this project was one of the largest and most complex we have tackled to date.

Despite the size and complexity of the project, we were able to make rapid progress thanks to the fleet of heavy machinery we had at our disposal. The John Deere 650K Dozer, John Deere 750K Dozer, John Deere 210G Excavator, John Deere 135 Excavator, and multiple John Deere Skid Steers were all put to work on the job site, allowing us to tackle a wide range of tasks with ease.

One of the key aspects of the Simplot Project was the grading and development of the large building foundations. This involved digging deep into the earth and installing large quantities of rebar reinforcement, which required precise cuts and a steady hand. The John Deere 210G Excavator and John Deere 135 Excavator were the perfect tools for the job, allowing us to make quick progress while still delivering the precise results we were after.

Another critical aspect of the project was the construction of the two large retention ponds. The John Deere 650K Dozer and John Deere 750K Dozer were able to handle the heavy workload with ease, allowing us to quickly create the ponds and shape them to perfection.

Finally, the multiple John Deere Skid Steers were instrumental in completing the grading for swales, which were designed to control the flow of water and prevent erosion. These machines were agile and versatile, making them the perfect tool for the job.

The end result of the Simplot Project was nothing short of spectacular. The 10-acre earth development, large building foundations, and two large retention ponds have transformed the landscape of Lennon, Michigan, and the local community is already reaping the benefits. With a projected completion date of August 2023, this project is a testament to the power of teamwork and the importance of utilizing the right tools for the job.

Of course, no project of this magnitude could be completed without the hard work and dedication of our talented crew of operators, superintendents, laborers, and subcontractors. They brought their expertise, experience, and passion for the job to the project site every day, working tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the Simplot Project was completed to the highest standards.

Their commitment to quality and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the project, from the precise grading of the large building foundations to the intricate excavation work on the two large retention ponds. Our crew of operators were skilled and experienced, using the John Deere equipment to deliver optimal results every time.

The superintendents and labors, meanwhile, were instrumental in keeping the project on track and ensuring that everything ran smoothly from start to finish. They worked hand in hand with our subcontractors, who brought their own unique skills and expertise to the table, to ensure that every aspect of the project was completed on time and on budget.

In short, our team of operators, superintendents, laborers, and subcontractors were the backbone of the Simplot Project, and their hard work and dedication was key to its success. We are proud to have had such a talented group of people working with us on this project, and we are grateful for their contributions.

Below is documentation of the work that was done for the facility.

September 2022 Flyover:

September 2022 Flyover:

October 2022 Flyover:

John Deere 135 Excavator:

John Deere 210G Excavator:

John Deere 750K Dozer:

John Deere 650K Dozer:

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